Embracing the CICM Mission

As you embark on your direction towards academic excellence and missionary spirit, we commit ourselves to guide you to equally focus your attention on your spiritual and moral uprightness as co-missionaries of the Congregation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (CICM). With this commitment, we are challenged to come up with new materials that are adapted to this changed situation of learning - from the traditional classroom set-up to a Distance Learning Education - in Saint Mary's University

This course Christian Faith Education (CFE) 106B, Embracing the CICM Mission, is designed to be taken after you have completed CFE 105A. The CICM pioneers in the Philippines have always perceived schools to be effective means of ensuring the formation and transformation of communities. That’s why, there is no doubt that at present, the school system is the CICM missionaries’ most powerful way of evangelization- to bring about the reign of God and to transform societies and the environment. Looking back, the CICM schools are learning missionary institutions. As missionary schools, their existence is one of reaching to the community to promote quality education by precisely building on its core competencies. Attuned to the CICM thrust for mission, the “ad extra” (service to the world) is the missionary principle CICM schools cannot discount. The stakeholders of these CICM educational institutions are called to carry out most effectively the missionary calling of transforming the world, and of bearing witness to the message of Jesus Christ at all times.