CFE [6460]CICM Mission Identity

CFE 104 is a course that deals with the life and ministry of CICM missionaries world wide. It focuses on the spirituality and missionary character of the congregation, anchored on Jesus whose words and deeds become their source of inspiration in order that their faith may be strengthened through the model that He set for them. This course aims to deepen the students’ understanding of the life and mission of the CICM missionaries with Fr. Theophile Verbist who laid the foundations of the congregation. Going through this course, the students will be deeply familiarized with the richness of the congregation and will be enabled to reflect on the value of its presence for them. As such, this course provides the students an avenue in following Jesus more closely in their personal lives as members of the Church, the community of Jesus’ disciples, in the way CICM exemplifies, and with Mary as their inspiration.