Christian Morality in Our Times

The modules for Christian Faith Education (CFE) 102, Christian Morality in our Times, follow the SEE - DISCERN - ACT method that was introduced by Joseph Cardinal Cardijn in Europe. In these modules, as in other Religious Education workbooks of CICM schools, the method is renamed as CONTEXT - INSPIRED WORD OF GOD – CHURCH TEACHING – MISSIONARY RESPONSE (C-I-C-M) method. The Context introduces you to a better knowledge of your present situation and is the equivalent of Engage in this module. The Inspired Word of God provides a reading from the Sacred Scriptures that is relevant to the topic. The Church Teaching presents a well-selected excerpt from the riches of the Catholic Church’s document that supports the Bible text. The reading of both the Inspired Word of God and the Church Teaching are equivalent to Explore while the discussions about these are equivalent to Explain and Elaborate in this module. The Missionary Response provides you with an activity wherein you apply the lesson in your actual life situation as a way to evaluate your learning. This is equivalent to Evaluate in this module.


This institutional course is to be taken by all students across all programs regardless of religious faiths and affiliations. Further, this is to be taken by all students in all CICM higher education institutions. For Catholics, this course will enhance your understanding




of our own faith/doctrine, our moral laws, and our rituals and celebrations (prayer and liturgy) that have been parts of our day-to-day lives. For non-Catholics, this is an invitation for you to reflect on the richness of the Catholic tradition, which will eventually lead you to a better appreciation of your own religious traditions.