Civic Welfare Training Service 2

The National Service Training Program 2 ( NSTP - CWTS 2 ) complements the knowledge learned from NSTP - CWTS 1. It is application ad implementation of NSTP Law, which focuses on participation to community development. While NSTP 1 provides the backdraft and theoretical framework of the Program. NSTP-CWTS 2 is the continuation and validation phase. It is designed to equip and empower students with the fundamentals of project identification, planning and implementation in pursuit of contributing to the upliftment of the general welfare and quality of life of the people in the community through enhancement, in particular, of the school and community facilities. Its advocacy is related to the protection and preservation of the environment as well as, improvement of lives, health and safety to the populace through promotion of risk reduction, peace making process, safety, recreation and morals of the citizenry.