Nursing Integrated Course 2

Course Description


This nursing integrated course 2 involves an intensive review of medical- surgical, nursing leadership and management, nursing jurisprudence and other related nursing concepts required for the completion of the BSN program of SMU. This course provides a comprehensive lecture of assigned nursing concepts and rationalization of pretests and post-tests respectively. It also involves an assessment of knowledge gaps or deficits in all nursing concepts and planning for and implementation of needed remediation. As a culmination for the academic study, all BSN Level IV students are required to enroll in the said course as a prerequisite in preparation for the nurse licensure examination and entry into the practice of professional nursing.  The students are also required take and pass the mock board examination at the conclusion of this course.

Upon completion of the course, the nursing student will be able to:


1. Apply knowledge, skills, and understanding of medical-surgical, nursing leadership and management, nursing jurisprudence and other nursing concepts required for entry into professional nursing.

2. Identify and discuss a more focused knowledge base of basic scientific, legal, cultural, humanistic principles along with nursing procedures that apply to all patients in any clinical setting.

3. Apply the nursing process with regard to a holistic response during review of clinical areas to be tested on medical-surgical, nursing leadership and management, nursing jurisprudence other nursing care topics

4. Identify areas of academic strength and weakness to facilitate study patterns and fill in academic gaps.

5. Adapt an organized and effective study plan to decrease test anxiety and increase self-confidence.

6. Exhibit readiness for the Philippine nursing licensure examination.