Christ and His Moral Teachings

Morality is the forefront of the development of the faith of a Christian. To live a moral life entails that Christians conform to the life of Jesus and the teachings of the Catholic Church. However, for them to respond positively to this, it is crucial for them to understand what morality really is. Through a clear understanding of morality, one is able to a ascertain what action is appropriate and necessary for a certain circumstance.


            The CICM commits to enrich the religious learning of the students, understand where their faith is coming from and relate how they will apply these religious concepts and principles in real-life situations. The learning path of their religious education aims to strengthen their Christian faith and encourage them to live their life to the will of God.


            Christians are confronted with a myriad of moral issues and problems. Some are trivial, while others are complicated and difficult to handle. One thing remains: moral issues and problems are imbedded in human experience. As Christians, there are expectations that surround their decisions, actions and behaviors. Consequently, their actions must completely conform to the norms of morality based on the life of Jesus Christ and His teachings.