PATH FIT (Health and Wellness 3007) 2:30-3:30 MW
PATH FIT 1 offered to college students provides knowledge on physical fitness activities. Part 1 introduces the concept of Physical Education and of fitness in relation to daily routine activities and culminates with fitness testing. Part II deals with the two (2) major aspects of physical fitness, the methods and principles involved in movement exercises and specific examples to facilitate understanding of the different approaches used to achieve general fitness. Part III consists of Exercises Program that starts from warm-up exercises to cool-down exercises. Specific examples are also given to provide knowledge regarding common exercises that are often practiced in many Physical Education classes, which are now considered less effective from the point of view of exercise physiology. Information on Nutrition and Drug Education are also included under the Exercise Program. Part IV deals with simple stunts, (Part V) tumbling, and (Part VI) pyramid building. These activities test the level of fitness of the student. Social Graces is also included and must be integrated in all parts.