Practical Spoken English

Practical English Spoken English Program (PSEP) is a general course offered to all freshmen students. It is designed to help students become more confident and fluent speakers in English for personal, group and even public communication. Through the oral speaking tasks and activities prepared, students will develop their confidence in speaking in front of an audience, improve their diction and enhance their oral presentation skills. They will also learn to talk about topics with substance and organization. Lastly, to address the current language needs of students, tasks in Conversational English are prepared.

Course Outline and Timeframe Time Allotment Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs) Content Assessment Week 1 Orientation on the Course Class Rules and Policies
Weeks 2-3 1. determine causes of tension on stage 2. apply principles on how to overcome tension on stage 3. avoid mannerisms while speaking 4. contrast vowel sounds distinctly 5. introduce oneself effectively and confidently Lesson 1 1. Elements of Good Delivery: Avoiding Physical and Oral Mannerisms and Overcoming Nervousness 2. Contrasting /æ/ as in bat, /ə/ as in but, /e/ as in bait and /ɛ/ as in bet 3. Practical Spoken Task: “So Tell Me About Yourself”

Graded Drills

Self-introduction Weeks 4-5
1. use correct posture and appropriate stage behavior 2. articulate properly focus vowel sound 3. interpret a poem orally Lesson 2 1. Elements of Good Delivery: Correct Posture and Proper Stage Movements and Behavior 2. [I] as in bit 3. Practical Spoken Task:
Poetry Reading
Graded Drills

Poetry Reading Week 6 First Term Exam (Prelims) Week 7
1. understand the importance of establishing eye contact with audience 2. contrast vowel sounds distinctly 3. speak convincingly about the given topic or situation Lesson 3 1. Elements of Good Delivery: Establishing Audience Contact 2. Contrasting /u/ as in fool, /U/ as in full, /ɔ/ as in fall 3. Practical Spoken Task: “If I could/were ________, I would __________” “Three Points” Technique
Graded Drills

Talking about a given situation or topic Week 8-9
1. use appropriate gestures and facial expressions when speaking 2. contrast consonant sounds distinctly 3. start and hold a conversation effectively Lesson 4 1. Elements of Good Delivery: Using Appropriate Gestures and Facial Expressions 2. Contrasting /b/ and /v/, /f/ and /p/ 3. Practical Spoken Task: How to start and hold a dynamic conversation
Graded Exercises

Graded “small talk” Week 10-11
1. employ vocal variety when speaking 2. contrast consonant sounds distinctly 3. summarize and retell a story Lesson 5 1. Elements of Good Delivery: Vocal Variety 2. Contrasting /θ/ as in thin and /t/ as in tin and /ð/ as in they and /d/ as in day 3. Practical Spoken Task: Summarizing and Retelling a Story Graded Vocal Exercises

Summarizing and Retelling a Story

Week 12 Second Term Exam (Midterms) Week 13-14
1. choose and use appropriate visuals 2. differentiate words and sense properly through stress 3. deliver a “how to” speech spontaneously Lesson 6 1. Elements of Good Delivery: Using Visuals 2. Word and Sentence Stress 3. Practical Spoken Task: “How to” Speech Graded Drills

“How to” video

Week 15-16
1. utilize effective attention-getters, transitions and conclusions in speaking 2. observe the correct use of pauses and intonation patterns 3. deliver a speech to convince Lesson 7 1. Elements of Good Delivery: Using Attention-getters,
Transitions and Interesting Conclusions 2. Juncture and Intonation 3. Practical Spoken Task: Speaking to Convince

Drafting a short speech

Speaking to Convince

Week 17 1. choose appropriate supporting details 2. effectively and convincingly talk about the positive and negative sides of given topic Lesson 8 1. Elements of Good Delivery: Using Supports 2. Practical Spoken Task: Talking About Pros and Cons
Talking About Pros and Cons Week 18 Third Term Exam (Finals)

Course Requirements and Analytic Rubrics for Assessment

Sources of Evaluation:

Speech delivery performance, participation 50% MAJOR EXAMINATIONS (oral) 50% TOTAL 100%