Nursing Informatics Lab

Congratulations on enrolling in NCM 110 LAB. Before anything else, please read this guide carefully and completely. It is quite long, but this should not scare you: I have tried to provide as much detailed information as possible, in order to facilitate your understanding of the general and specific guidelines on how to deal with this course.

This deals with concepts, principles, theories & techniques on nursing informatics in clinical practice, education & research. The learners are expected to use the system of informatics to support the delivery of health care.


I am Martin Gabriel T Manuel, a Registered Nurse, from Bambang, Nueva Vizcaya. I have completed my Bachelor of Sciences in Nursing in 2019 at Saint Mary’s University.

 For contacts outside The “Learning Manage System” and for exams, only use the mention option at the class group chat (messenger). I will respond as soon as I can.