Mathematics in the Modern World

This course begins with an introduction to the nature of Mathematics as an exploration of patterns (in nature and the environment) and as an application of inductive and deductive reasoning. By exploring these topics, students are encourage to go beyond the typical understanding of Mathematics as merely a bunch of formulas but as a source of aesthetics in patterns of nature, for example, and a rich language in itself (and of Science) governed by logic and reasoning.

The course then proceeds to survey ways in which Mathematics provides a tool for understanding and dealing with various aspects of present day living, such as managing personal finances, making social choices, appreciating geometric designs, understanding code used in data transmission and security, and dividing limited resources fairly. These aspects will provide opportunities for actually doing mathematics in a broad range of exercises that bring out the various dimensions of Mathematics as a way of knowing, and test the students’ understanding and capacity. (CMO No. 20, series of 2013)