Intermediate Accounting II
COURSE DESCRIPTION: This is the Second of a three-part study in financial accounting which focuses on the accounting for current and noncurrent Liabilities.

GENERAL OBJECTIVES: Upon completion of this course the student will be able to:
1. Account for current liabilities and contingencies.
2. Prepare journal entries related to dealings in a corporation's stock or shareholder equity.
3. Analyze issues involving liabilities, contingencies, and troubled debt restructuring and solve problems in these areas with appropriate journal entries.
4. Value and account for dilutive securities.
5. Solve complicated earnings per share problems involving dilutive securities.
6. Analyze and journalize transactions involving investments, leases, deferred income taxes, and accounting changes.
7. Explain the proper accounting of pensions and postretirement benefits.
8. Prepare a detailed statement of cash flows using both the direct and indirect methods.
9. Demonstrate quantitative literacy by using accounting models to define, represent, and solve mathematical problems.
10. Use critical thinking to analyze financial transactions.