Accounting for Special Transactions
Course Description:

This course deals with specialized accounting problems likely to be encountered by accountants. It exposes the learners to accounting for transactions and activities that relate to business organizations other than the corporate form. The study of the various topics in this course is based upon fundamental valuation accounting and accounting theory as applied to special income and expense recognition methods and expanded business operations.

Course Objectives: At the end of the semester, the student must be able to:

1. journalize and prepare the financial reports relating to partnership formation, operation (including division of profit or loss), and liquidation,
2. use special revenue principles that are within the scope of IFRS 15 Revenue from Contracts with Customers.
3. perform accounting process or joint arrangements under PFRS 11,
4. installment sales, consignment sales, long-term construction contracts, home office, branch and agency transactions,
5. -account for foreign currency transactions (including foreign currency derivatives) and foreign currency financial statements translations.