Literacy Training Service 2(9018)

    The Literacy Training Service (LTS2) is a sequel of LTS1. It is designed to equip student-trainees with the principles and concepts underpinning community needs assessment, project identification, planning and implementation, monitoring and evaluation in pursuit of contributing to the upliftment of people particularly along the literacy dimension focused on preschoolers, out-of-school youth, slow learners, adults and other interested individuals. This training scheme is to enhance their capability in relating with people, in appreciating real-life situations especially in the depressed, deprived, and underprivileged communities. It further promotes their civic consciousness and defense preparedness imbued with good citizenship values. The trainees are expected to immerse with the community in 38-60 hours. They are expected to comply requirements of the course and share their lives with the people as a way of molding them to become a true-blooded reservist.