Operations Management in TH Industry
The Tourism and Hospitality operations tend to be complex due to the unique characteristics of these industries and the dynamic and interactive environment in which operations are facilitated. The course “Operations Management in the Tourism & Hospitality Industry” aims to broaden students understanding of relevant and applicable theories and models of operations management, and equips students to apply the understanding to specific situations. Definitely, operational problems can be effectively resolved by focusing on appropriate performance objectives and strategies, designing marketable products, services and processes, managing capacity and improvements, as well as implementing sustainable practices. In addition, there is emphasis on the application of the analytical tools to address critical issues related to strengthening the competitive position of the enterprise, such as: product or service design, process engineering, and work systems design, management of technology, and innovation, environment-friendly design, capacity planning, plant location and facilities layout, logistics and supply chain management, total quality management, operations scheduling, and performance management.