Readings in Philippine History (6708)

Course Description:

This course analyzes Philippine History from multiple perspectives through the lens of selected primary sources coming from various disciplines and from different genres.  Students are given opportunities to analyze the author’s background and main arguments, compare different points of view, identify biases and examine the evidences presented in the document. The discussions will tackle traditional topics in history and other interdisciplinary themes that will deepen and broaden their understanding of Philippine political, economic, cultural, social, scientific and religious history.  Priority is given to primary materials that could help them develop their analytical and communication skills.  The end goal is to develop the historical and critical consciousness of the students so that they will become versatile, articulate, broad-minded, morally upright and responsible citizens.

Course Learning Outcomes. By the end of the course, the students should be able to:

1. identify credible and authentic primary sources that can be used in reconstructing the rich history of the Filipino people from pre-colonial times to the present;

2. analyze the context, content, and perspective of selected primary sources and determine their contribution in understanding the history of the Filipino people’

3. develop critical and analytical skills as they are exposed to primary sources;

4. demonstrate the ability to use primary sources to enable them to argue in favor or against a particular issue;

5. effectively communicate, using various techniques and genres, their historical analysis of particular event or issue that could help other people understand the chosen topic;

6. display the ability to work in a team and can contribute to a group project; and

7. manifest interest and concern in promoting and preserving our country’s national patrimony and cultural heritage.