Cognitive Psychology

This course will cover the basics of human cognition, a field of study that includes sensation, perception, learning and memory.  In short, cognition is the study of how we take in information about the world, make sense of it, store it for later use, and then (try to) retrieve it when we think it will come in handy.  

It will cover in greater detail some of the topics in the latter part of General Psychology .We will start talking about sensation, how our eyes, ears, nose and mouth have developed to see, hear, smell and taste.  We will then trace the path of environmental inputs through perception (making sense of what we see) and learning and memory.  Along the way, we will talk about and participate in some experiments so that we can see firsthand how cognitive science has progressed and how computer science has tried to replicate and enhance the cognitive processes and apply it to innovative products and services being used today such as Artificial Intelligence etc.