(THC 5 10:30-12:00 Mon Thurs) Micro Perspective of Tourism and Hospitality (w/ Local Educ. Tour)


This course will cover the workings, operations and the integrative activities of major stakeholders in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry. The students will also gain knowledge on managing and marketing a service-oriented business organization. Apart from the scope and structure of travel organizations, it provides an in-depth study of nature and distinctive characteristics of each sector of the entire tourism industry, focusing on the management, organization and planning of specific business strategies for the various entities in the local setting. This will also involve the analysis of the possible impacts of external factors and trends on the different tourism industry sectors and specific types of businesses. It will also look into client profiling such as travel motivations and influences as it relates to aligning strategic and tactical solutions to the business. The course also identifies the employment opportunities available in each sector and the corresponding qualifications for the jobs.

(CMO No. 62 Series of 2017 pg. 52)