Alternative Systems of Education  ALS 10:00-12:30PM

      In this course, the future school manager will be equipped with some knowledge and competence in providing Filipino learners another kind of education that does not need to take place in school but it just as good as formal schooling. It will help him/her understand a new system, the alternative learning system (ALS) which is provided by the Department of Education and the Expanded Tertiary Equivalency and Accreditation Education Program (ETEEAP) by the Commission on Higher Education to help those who cannot go to school to learn or who do not want to "go to school to learn" .Re-engineering of some alternatives vis-a-vis blended learning, distance learning and hybrid learning shall be highlighted to enhance th multi-faceted  nature of ALS in the globalizing and post-pandemic time.  

       The Marian-bred prospective school manager will encounter words or concepts that will be defined and explained to facilitate understanding of ALS. There will also be a simple historical overview that will give a perspective of the ALS in the Philippine setting and in the context of global development. Likewise. significant features as well as the comparison between formal education and the ALS will be highlighted in the progression of the course.