Christology-Trinity 2023 2nd sem

As early as the first Gospel written, the question associated with Jesus is “Who do you say I am?” This question has produced a variety of answers ever since, not to mention books in our own times evaluating Jesus philosophically, theologically, or biblically, among others. This course does not focus on the details of some technical debates among reputable biblical scholars and systematic theologians. Rather, it tries to address some contemporary issues and problems of religious educators and religious workers or pastoral workers or as to the beginners in doing the theology of inculturation. Aside from imparting knowledge in the theological process of doing Christology, this course aims at deep formation that would shape the spiritual life of Christian believers. Through this course, the student is guided into a systematic, and a more mature encounter and experience in making the identity of Christ more relevant and meaningful in one’s life. It tries to help the student to appreciate the basic insight as to why the lives of so many people have been inspired by the belief that Jesus of history and the Christ of Faith. The course strengthens the universality of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth to all cultures. This universality can be perceived and validated in particularity through localized experiences and cultural presuppositions. Jesus story is crucial to Christianity. Thus, it must to continue to provide meaning and challenge to the local church. It must be told once more in a manner that is culturally intelligible and situational relevant.