Production and Utilization of Instructional Materials
In the teaching profession, Instructional technology has set in. The presence of multi-media resources and computers make teaching and learning fast-paced and more interactive. Technological advances have changed social environment through the incidence and popularity of mass media and information technology. It is important upon the in-service teachers to now acquire keen awareness and get hold of clear concepts of instructional technology/media systems. In view of the bright prospects of instructional technology/media systems, the teachers be practically skillful and expert to enhance quality of teaching-learning, speed up learning time and increase teaching efficiency. This course aims to develop the necessary skills needed by the in-service teachers in the preparation selection, and utilization of instructional media. It includes discussions on the curriculum and principles and guidelines to follow in the management of multi-sensory aids in learning. Demonstration in the use of the instructional materials produced and evaluation of their effectiveness become an integral part of the course.