This course focuses on the Wisdom Books or the Writings [Proverbs, Job, Ecclesiastes, and the Song of Songs] including the Book of Psalms. These books of the OT are not simply engaging in intellectual exercise but they challenge us with the imperatives "think," "listen," and "reflect" in order to build character in us. This is the overarching purpose of the Wisdom Books - to build character in the reader/students for life in this  world. Thus, "wisdom" in the Bible has a strong practical aspect. the Wisdom Books give the students guidance and develop character in them so that they can live wise and godly lives in the rough-and-tumble, everyday world in which they find themselves in.
    The Book of Psalms is very different from the Wisdom Books. However, so far as location the Bible goes, Psalms is associated closely with the Wisdom Books.  Thus, we have included the discussion of the book of Psalms in its canonical order (after Job), but in regard to classification, the book of Psalms will be treated as a separate and unique category.
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