Managerial Economics (Econ. of Public Enterprise)
Managerial economics is a fundamental part of any business or management course. It is the application of economic methods in the managerial decision-making process. This course uses theories and existing business practices to explain the processes, issues, risks and benefits of guided decision making. As presented in detail in the Course Outline, it covers the a) theory of the firm; b) demand theory and estimation; c) production and cost theory and estimation; d) market structure and pricing; e) game theory; f) investment analysis and government policy (Wilkinson, 2005). It uses case studies (of international concern) to further expose students in analyzing and understanding the technical and practical concepts presented in the lectures.

The lecture presentations focus more on the theories and practical concepts while simplifying the quantitative approach to analysis. It uses case studies of companies (with international coverage/market) as examples and basis for further study. Problem solving exercises are also used.