Doing Theology [Fundamental Theology] 1200-1500
Doing theology focuses on the study of the foundational and fundamental issues in the theological realm. It includes a re-thinking of the basic elements of the Christian faith as developed, formulated and interpreted by the theology of the West based on the Judaeo-Christian Tradition (JCT) such as revelation-faith experience, the experience of God's self-communication, on being a church, on understanding the life of Jesus, and the Scriptures. Eventually, these theological concepts are re-appropriated in the concrete human experiences of a specific culture, particularly in the Filipino context.

This course explores on the various approaches to doing a relevant and practicable theological endeavor which includes paradigm shifting, and methodical approaches emphasizing on the methods of teaching Christian faith education and ministerial works in the Church. It engages in a mutual dialogue between the Tradition and traditions towards the formation and transformation of persons and communities in faith through concrete evangelization.

This course affirms that renewed perspectives in doing theology, particularly in indigenous categories, will lead to a more intelligible, culturally rooted faith-life experiences of people, which we call theology of inculturation or contextual theology.

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