Strategic Management (Business Policies/ Environmental Analysis
The course serves as the capstone course for the MBA program. It aims to enable the learners develop and implement strategic cross-functional decisions towards the attainment of their organizations’ vision, mission and objectives using strategic management principles and integrating knowledge and skills acquired by the learners from the other MBA courses.

The learners will apply the strategic management process consisting of strategy formulation, strategy implementation and strategy evaluation, as well as the various analytical frameworks and strategy formulation tools that can aid them in strategic decision making. Through this course, the learners’ strategic thinking capability is expected to be strengthened as they are made to critically analyze and integrate information about their companies’ external and internal environment in the local and global context, and to use this in formulating and implementing innovative strategies that can help their companies build a sustainable competitive advantage. The learners will likewise be made to understand the different strategy choices and to evaluate strategic management issues and concepts that are important to managing in today’s global environment. The course also aims to promote among its learners ethical business decisions, the practice of CSR and making a contribution towards nation building.