Philosophy of Management (EDM 302 [1014] Ph.D. Educ Mngmt.)

Course Description

                 The theory and philosophy of management necessarily embraces an extremely broad set of issues.  Therefore, this course will only survey a number of selected topics.  After a series of introductory readings, the class meetings on January will center on discussion of those topics and related assignments.  The course will then be organized as a graduate seminar wherein the students are expected to take primary responsibility for the depth of their exposure to the material.  They are expected to create and develop their “Personal philosophy/ paradigm of educational management towards becoming an agent of organizational renewal and transformation in the new normal landscape of education.  Although the number of topics is limited, the scope of reading within any given topic area is great.  Thus, they are also expected to make a reflection/reaction paper/ synthesis of journal articles or books in their area of interest in educational management. Each student is also expected to actively support all class discussions either on-line or F2F if it is allowed depending on IATF/DOH health protocols.