Logic and Critical Thinking (Merged with Code 3612)

In a world bombarded with overloads of information whose soundness and veracity are not always readily determinable, being critical and making good judgments and decisions are not only life’s necessity but also life’s difficulty. Although all courses aim at providing college students with knowledge, skills, and methods to develop critical thinking and to arrive at making sound judgments and decisions in all areas of their lives – personally, professionally, and socially, no other course however is directly and formally concerned with the basic principles and rules of sound judgment and critical thinking in any areas of human knowledge than Logic and Critical Thinking. This course develops in the students the mastery of the rules and principles of correct reasoning and critical thinking necessary in 1) analyzing and evaluating the soundness of arguments, and 2) creating sound arguments on which one’s judgments and decisions lie. In the end, students will become discriminating knowledge-users and responsible knowledge-makers.