LIS 207 Bibliographic Organization, Indexing and Abstracting

SMU Vision

We envision SMU as a nurturing and zealous missionary Catholic educational institution animated to form communities of committed, creative, and competent Christians.

SMU Mission

We dedicate ourselves to:

1. steadfastly form and develop strongly committed persons and communities;

2. persistently challenge one another to explore and pursue relevant, innovative and breakthrough ideas

3. relentlessly pursue professional excellence as individuals and as an institution and to be locally responsive and globally competitive; and

4. joyfully animate one another as inspired by Mother Mary, to become faithful witnesses of Jesus Christ and persevere in the building of strongly united Christian communities.

Course Description

This course comprehensively covers three related retrieval information tools and library research searching aids.   The graduate students will be exposed in making periodical index, index to literature collection, index to vertical file materials, bibliographies, pathfinders, and abstracts.  It will also explore the creation and presentation of a thesaurus in a specialized field.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course, the student is expected to:

1.know and understand bibliographies, bibliographic control and organization.

2. differentiate the various retrieval information tools, document surrogates and library research/searching aids-such as bibliographies, catalogs, indexes and abstracts.

3. write abstracts of thesis and articles; make bibliographies and indexing periodicals and literature collection.

4. create a mini-thesaurus in a specialized subject.