Research Methodology

Research just like writing, is skill-based. One has to learn the skills of good writing if one hopes to succeed in writing the research paper. This research guidebook contains a lot of activities to enhance your research skills and as well as simplified discussions for your easy understanding. Prescriptions and proscriptions in research writing are accompanied by helpful activities as well. The suggested activities are done in a developmental and measured manner to reduce your burden in research writing. It is expected that at the end of each module, you will accomplish the learning exercises and submit them to your research teacher for critiquing. Allow them to make comments on your outputs. This will enable you to enhance further your research skills.Also, keep a record of your accomplishments by sub-sections per chapter.

By the end of the course, it is expected that you prepare a manuscript of the first two chapters following the IMRAD format and the data gathering tool/s are done  and ready for the proposal defense.