Philosophy of Man/Human Person
This course covers paradigmatic accounts of human nature in ancient, medieval, and early modern philosophy, through a careful reading of selected primary texts from each period. Major topics will include happiness, virtues, human nature; knowledge and opinion; body and soul; immortality, rationality, and freedom of the Will; created being and goodness as emanations of divine perfection. The main focus of the discussion will be on the metaphysical foundations of moral value in the pre-modern tradition, and the conceptual changes shaking these metaphysical foundations with the emergence of modern philosophy. For school managers, the subject brings to fore the right philosophy in dealings with his/her peers, subordinates and superiors as applied in the workplace.

The main objective of this course is to introduce students to philosophical inquiry by examining the fundamental issues and arguments concerning man and the nature of human beings. students are expected to gain and understand some of the major concepts and theories on man/human and human nature; gain insight into the philosophical knowledge of the human person; learn how to evaluate the philosophical positions of the philosophers; increase appreciation of what it means to be human; and improve critical thinking on philosophical issues.