PurposiveCommunication 4049 (3:30-5:00MF)
Purposive Communication is about writing, speaking, and presenting to different
audiences for various purposes. (CMO 20 s 2013). Purposive Communication is a three-unit course that develops students'communicative competence and enhances their cultural and intercultural awareness through multimodal tasks that provide them opportunities for communicating effectively and appropriately to a multicultural audience in a local or global context. It equips students with tools for critical evaluation of a variety of texts and focuses on the power of language and the impact of images to emphasize the importance of conveying messages responsibly. The knowledge, skills, and insights that students gain from this course may be used in their other academic endeavors, their chosen disciplines, and their future careers as they compose and produce relevant oral, written, audio-visual and/or web-based output for various purposes.