Physical Activity Towards Health and Fitness (Health and Wellness)
I. Course Description:
PATH FIT 1 offered to college students provides knowledge on health and fitness activities. Part 1 presents legal bases that discusses why it is part of the curriculum. It also introduces the concept of Physical Education and of fitness and its relevance to wellness development and culminates with fitness testing. Part II deals with movement enhancement that involves the understanding of scientific basic movement and specific movement patterns. Health education and importance of nutrition are also included. Part III consists of Exercises Program that starts from warm-up exercises to cool-down exercises. Part IV deals with Aerobic exercise activities. These activities exert low to high intensity of movement exercises accompanied with music which test student’s endurance, power, and flexibility in all action. With these variety of skills, one will be more knowledgeable as to how continued fitness be achieved throughout one’s lifetime

II. Course Objectives: At the end of the course, the students should be able to:
1. examine their physical fitness and recognize the importance of a healthy living.
2. practice desirable & necessary traits/values for adjustment to happy living & to life in general
3. perform physical activities that will challenge the individual in the performance of movement skills
4. apply learning relative to health education through personal care, hygiene, and nutrition
5. learn some movement exercises that are relevant to wellness development.
6. maintain normal functioning of the organic system of the body and develop muscular strength and coordination
  • Enrolled students: 40