Business Philosophy

Course Description:

Historians will agree that since the ancient time Business has existed. This is a testimony to the reality that Business is part and parcel of our human existence. It was a great human invention that responds to our most human needs and depends upon a public context, on written or unwritten rules and conventions. It affects or even determines the operation of a certain community or society. Thus, there is a need to comprehend the rules and conventions of business. This task is the function of philosophy of business which is more specifically taken by Business Ethics. Another task is understanding how business is possible, that is, how could there be business activity in the first place and why does a business act the way it does? As a whole philosophy of business deals with the terms or concepts and methodologies of doing business which is distinct with Business Philosophy that describes how a business chooses to conduct itself. However, if philosophy is to be true to its name, it has also to take into consideration how a particular business chooses to conduct itself. Thus, a business philosopher is one that provokes questions regarding business and sets the mode for thinking. It would explore on the internal operation of a business enterprise including its management and operation. This course would take a multi-disciplinary approach which examines business in relation to history, theology, psychology, economics, literature, management theories and the like with the spectacle of philosophical thinking.