Advanced Power System Analysis

This course provides students with advanced technical knowledge and analysis techniques to evaluate and design modern electric power systems, including their operation, control, diagnostics and protection. The course will first introduce the advanced theoretical and practical concepts required to understanding the operation of modern electric power systems, followed by modelling, analysis, and simulation of electric power systems under dynamic conditions. Power system stability and fault protection and associated requirements will also be covered. Ultimately, this course will equip students with a comprehensive understanding of modern electric power systems and the skills and knowledge to pursue a career pathway into the electricity industry.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion, students will have the knowledge and skills to:

  1. Demonstrate an in-depth and integrated understanding of the theory and operating principles of modern electric power systems through appropriate application of advanced analysis tools and techniques.
  2. Critically assess the performance of current and emerging power transmission solutions in electric power systems.
  3. Evaluate and interpret power system dynamics and stability using appropriate software and/or hardware tools.
  4. Explain and proficiently apply the principles of power system protection to assess the protection requirements for a given power system.
  5. Propose and design power system solutions that account for complex dynamic response, stability and protection requirements.
  6. Apply research skills to develop a thorough understanding of emerging problems in modern electric power systems beyond the scope of course materials and critically analyse relevant contemporary research.
  7. Professionally interpret and disseminate design and research outcomes in modern electric power systems to specialist and non-specialist audiences.